November 2004, The Corvette sits in Costa Mesa at the CORVETTE LADY compound soon after the original owner passes away. I take a trip down to see it and boom - I own a Corvette Stingray! As a kid I drooled over my neighbor Charlie's 1969 Silver Stingray, now I find myself behind the wheel of my own Corvette dream machine. (Dig the airplane in the background of the photo)

The first photo of me and the Vette, which oddly enough, names itself 'ZODIAC'. It was a daily driver for over 30 years but you wouldn't know it judging by the paint - the original Elkhart Green still shines and the car, being that it has never seen an accident or any modifications, is classified a SURVIVOR. If only we all could look so good at 30+

ZODIAC & me at our first car show, I was hooked from then on. This one was on the California Car Cover property in early 2005. Good people, awesome cars and a reason to drive the green machine - what's not to love about car shows?

The new engine goes in - the old one just plum wore out. I had the cool folks at BOB'S RESTORATION near Hollywood do the work, a beefy 370hp 350 with all the bling. We add Hooker Headers and Flow-masters for that classic Corvette Rumble and power. A rebuilt Tranny rounds out the needed drive-train refurbishing.

I gut the insides for a full interior restoration. At 33, the original carpet was beyond thread-worn, and in need of the upgrade. Note the number 485 on the transmission tunnel, markings made at the factory in 1972. You'll find no rust surprises in a plastic pig!

Before I install the new carpet kit, I painstakingly add a heat-sheld to the firewall and floorboard. Prior to this, the cockpit heat ran 109 degrees from the headers cooking through the fiberglass! Brutal, especially during the summer.

The new interior installed, all to the original specs. This is how it must have looked when the original owner slid behind the wheel at the dealer in 1972. Now I just need to upgrade that old-school radio with dash speakers, I just can't hear anything over the exhaust rumble.

We have a thing for green cars over here.... my wife's factory Green Pearl-Coat Jeep Wrangler sits behind Zodiac. I had a green GORDON & SMITH surfboard when I was younger, and a lime green BAINE skateboard, so I guess it's in the blood........

My beautiful and oh-so supportive wife, and she looks good in the Vette you bet! She goes to all the shows with me and let me tell you, if your spouse gets up happily at 4 am to get the coffee ready for a 5:30 show, you got lucky in life, I know I did.

Me and the Mayor of Los Angeles at the L.A. COPS 4 TOTS show on halloween 2005.

OH NO!!! Zodiac is rear-ended by a 20 year-old girl eating lunch while talking on the phone in her MOVING SUV while I I sat at a light waiting to turn left. Good thing it was a girl, I was ready to come out swinging. OKay, so I'll get new paint out of it... and it didn't do TOO much damage. All she got was a scratch on her bumper. And a voodoo curse.

The crew at J&D Corvettes did all the body work and fiberglass magic. The entire car was block sanded and all the old glass stress-cracks repaired and readied for the show quality paint job...

The body work done and the preping for paint in place, it looks like a desert rat....

....My Mad Max Machine.

Right after the stellar paint job and still in the paint booth. My sincere thanks to Edwin the paint guru at J&D for his kick-ass job with the Elkhart green paint - and not a flaw anywhere.

Home from J&D. Shine on you crazy diamond...