Above pricing does NOT include any CUSTOM illustration or custom icons / spot art. The above pricing is for layout and design using the clients photographs and or illustrations / logos ONLY.
All files for use in the layout (photos, etc.) must be supplied by the client*.
We do offer kick-ass custom illustration & spot design at an additional charge.

The above pricing includes:
• Placement of one (1) photo per panel (and all logo placements).
• Typesetting, design and layout of type.
• Includes one (1) hour of photo adjusting/manipulation (if needed) &
• one (1) additional hour of reworking type or layout per clients changes / alterations (if needed) beyond the initial time the layout takes to complete.
• PDF final proofs (sent to the client by email).
• Indesign 300 dpi CMYK printer-ready files for sending to printer or PDF file for uploading to self publishing site.

After the initial design and the extra one (1) hour of time for changes, an additional charge of Forty dollars ($40.) per hour applies for any and all additional layout/photo changes, modifications and text changes. Extra hours needed beyond the above pricing will be discussed with the client prior to implementation and billing. Any contracted custom work will be an additional charge, please contact us for quotes/estimates on illustrations, custom fonts and logos. All work requires a 50% deposit to start a job. See FAQ for info.

*Client is responsible for any copyright clearing of supplied photographs, illustrations, fonts/logos, etc.
Client is responsible for supplying bar code and any publishing logos (see FAQ).